Don’t get upset at the enemy’s uprising. Beautiful things happen when we are resilient. Salvation is of the Lord. The enemy was unhappy with David. That enemy was Saul, the first king of Israel. He devised several ways to kill the young man and terminate God’s plan for his life.Continue Reading

Time is to a man as chance is to many events under the sun. ‘Time waits for no one’, they say. The man who can put his life’s journey in the context of how fleeting time is will win in life and eternity. You are a mortal being who hasContinue Reading

We build houses to live in them. But we have homes when we live in those houses in peace and can relax, eat, work, play, and relate to loved ones, friends, and associates in the context of comfort and protection. So, you see that a house doesn’t necessarily make forContinue Reading

Trust in God transcends the confines of confidence to key into the ephemeral possibilities of resting on His promises. It includes trusting Him with our very lives – trusting Him to save us, trusting Him to deepen our walk with Him, trusting Him to get Christ formed in us andContinue Reading

When Engineers design roads, they evolve evidence-based constituent, structural, and implementation plans that would inform the emergence of strong, rugged, and resilient roads that can withstand climatic, thermal, and mechanical stressors. The work of engineers is predicated on a plan. That plan directs their activities and implementations. Working outside ofContinue Reading

At the intersection between gloom and bliss is the capacity to align with the bliss. No one gets into bliss by mistake. But, it is possible to mistakenly slip into gloom. The blessing of choice knows no boundaries when we consider the great gulf between eternal death and everlasting life.Continue Reading

The aggressive or subtle machinations of darkness have 2, often covert, purposes – to stop you from achieving your real potential and to damn your soul in hell. Have you noticed the influences of darkness on society and, by extension, your life? They influence mindsets through the ‘pictures’ that theyContinue Reading

Mercy! Sweet concept. God invented it. Satan abhors it. Man needs it. There will be no forgiveness without it. Jesus would have cared less for the world without it. I would be lost without it. Mercy is for the sinful. Mercy is for the downtrodden. Mercy is for the destitute.Continue Reading

Life is deep. Its recesses are deeper than any common understanding. No one really understands all there is to know about life. Some of our attempts to explain events and activities are just scratches on the surface of a gigantic mystery. Who then understands life? Who can measure its immensity?Continue Reading

Looking out my window. The colourful blend of nature with human activities. That mix of different sounds – natural and man-made. The beautiful expression of natural inclinations. They all tell me something about … The intentions of the Creator. He wants us to enjoy life. He wants us to liveContinue Reading