There are other 2 vital activities (further from the ones listed in the part 1 of this series) that contribute directly to spiritual growth and vitality. We shall be looking at them today to explore how you may engage them to further your spiritual cause.

The first one is spending an entire night in prayer. This is called ‘all night’ or ‘night vigil’. You can also do a ‘midnight’ prayer where you begin prayers by 12 a.m. or just before midnight. These afford you the opportunity of having enough time to worship God, present your petitions before Him and fighting Satan and his agents as they operate more during the night. They also afford you the opportunity of spending extended hours, at a time, in the presence of God, which activities in the day may not allow you to do.

The second activity is that of attending convocations, rallies, conferences, congresses, retreats, camp meetings, crusades, meetings, and other Christian development programmes organised by Ministries and Churches you are sure are living and Bible-believing. This exposes you to anointed teachings and other Scriptural atmospheres that will enhance your growth in Christ and develop your mind and spirit to walk closer to God and disgrace Satan everywhere you go.

… watch out for part 3 of the spiritual exercise series

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