Where is the evidence for your faith? An intelligent person should not just believe anything. Take out some time from your routines to investigate the evidence for your faith.

What you believe in matters. It informs your worldview and will dictate where you will spend the endless time beyond the grave (eternity). Because of these, it is important to take another look at what you believe.

Have you followed ‘cuningly devised fables’? You are too intelligent for that. Sit down and examine the evidence for your faith. Look at the origin of your persuasions. Look at the inconsistencies in the storyline of your religion. Look at the story behind the holy book of your faith. Look at the means for making heaven or paradise devised by your religion. Do they appeal to intelligent reasoning? Are they consistent down history lane?

This has to be an honest investigation because if you are on the wrong path, you are the ultimate victim of that path. No religious leader will bear the consequences of your wrong decision for you. Be honest with yourself.  Approach this enquiry of eternal concern with childlike innocence.

There is a time coming when some religious philosophies and positions shall fail and their adherents will have to face the wrath of the Almighty God. Don’t get caught up in the web that time – on the wrong path. Today is the day to understand your path and make amends. Today is the day to ensure that you are saved from the wrath to come.

Examine the evidence for your faith. Begin the journey today.


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