The Holy Spirit is a gift to every believer. When a person believes in Jesus and receives the salvation He offers, the Holy Spirit comes to live in the believer, imparting spiritual life.

The Holy Spirit comes to dwell within the believer to minister to him personally.

a. He bears witness with us
b. He teaches
c. He guides
d. He helps us live a life pleasing to God
e. He helps us in power
f. He quickens and heals our body
g. He sanctifies
h. He convicts of sin
i. He searches all hearts
j. He regenerates
k. He adopts into God’s family
l. He helps and gives victory in temptation
m. He fills with joy, peace, and boldness
n. He comforts, counsels and commands
o. He intercedes for saints
p. He illuminates the inspires
q. He searches and reveals the deep things of God
r. He guides into the truth
s. He creates
t. He empowers
u. He directs gospel work
v. He confirms the gospel

As well as giving the Holy Spirit to dwell in the believer, God also wants to fill and baptize the believer with the Holy Spirit to empower him to serve and glorify God in the world.

a. He gives boldness and power to witness
b. He introduces the supernatural realm
c. He testifies that Jesus is alive
d. He brings a fresh understanding of the word of God
e. He fills our spirit with true worship of God
f. He glorifies Jesus


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