Some young people think that their life is so sweet and fulfilling when they live as they please. They receive applause here and there – from people who are not qualified to guide the young and vulnerable. This reminds me of the story of a beautiful young woman that lived that way until she was overcome by reality.

This woman was having ‘a blast’, living in pleasure. She had no boundaries in the exercise of her right to the ‘good living’ that she had crafted for herself, and she didn’t mind whose ox was gored in her desperate quest for pleasure. Even the laws of the land could not tame her clandestine appetite. She was a slave to the father of all wrongs.

Our insatiable search for pleasure implies depravity and is, sometimes, a pointer to a yearning deep within our heart for a relationship with God. There was a void in that young woman’s heart that beckoned on the essence of God to fill it. When this emptiness is not filled with God’s amazing strength, we (sometimes, unconsciously) desire to fill that space with undue entertainment and pleasure.

Know this, that craving for pleasure is a craving for God that has been misplaced. God wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to fill the void in your life and bring fulfilment to your soul.

The young woman in our story was apprehended in one of her notorious escapades and the people of the land were about to unleash the prevailing justice code on her when a man intervened. That man is Jesus – the One that knows every one of us. He saved her from her captors and gave her the code of life: ‘go and sin no more’! Gentle Jesus! Just, ‘go and sin no more’! You see, He wants a relationship with us. He didn’t come to condemn anyone. He came to save. And save you, He will – if you give him the chance.

He wasn’t mad at that young woman. The young woman defied His laws and lived carelessly – satisfying her flesh. As the creator, He had every right to be mad at her but He wasn’t. He knew that the  emptiness that the woman felt was a yearning for the life that He alone could impart. God is not mad at you. He is aware that you are in need of Him. He only wants a relationship with you. Look beyond the extreme entertainment and pleasure that you seek to see that that intense desire for those unlawful engagements signifies your yearning for God.

Turn to Him today and receive His gentle love and attention. Get into a relationship with Him so your life can be meaningfully lived for Him.

Will you do it?

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