Walking on his balcony, he did what is common to men of means and achievements today. He mused on his accomplishments and the glory of them and gloated over the fact that his enormous strength and wisdom brought in all those.

Indeed, he was an uncommon man. He was helped by God until he became very great All the wealth and accomplishments that he gloated over were the products of supernatural help. God gives knowledge. God gives wisdom. God gives authority and influence. God gives wealth and prosperity. God gives health and longevity.

I am talking about Nebuchadnezzar.

The craze on social media and in some circles today is to teach people that they don’t need God to succeed in life! They give examples of nonbelievers who have made it in life. They forget that God’s purposes and secret counsel transcend religious or philosophical inclinations and subscriptions and prevail in people’s lives and that He has a purpose for everyone.

Don’t forget the ‘God factor’. When you are making money or prospering in what you do, don’t forget the ‘God factor’.

Nebuchadnezzar did forget the ‘God factor’. He was proud of his inventions and he proudly made himself the chief architect and executor of his prosperity. The One that gives the power to prosper withdrew that power from him to teach him a great lesson, which many of us are yet to learn: ‘God rules in the affairs of men …’

Be careful, O man what you gloat over and arrogate its amassment exclusively to your strength and wisdom. Remember the ‘God factor’. God rules … Remember that He owns your life. Remember that all that you are toying with on the earth to propagate your prosperity belong to Him. He owns even you – the prospered! He created the brain that exudes the ‘principles’ that you now exalt above His help. He gives the health around which you have built your prosperity. Be humble and appreciate His help in your journey.

Nebuchadnezzar had to operate alongside animals for some years to realise that God rules the affairs of men. Yes, that was God’s punishment for his foolishness.

Have you been saved? God has helped you. Are you prospered? God has helped you. Do you have a lot of money? God has helped you. You have been blessed? God has helped you. No social media influencer or enthusiast should deceive you. No preacher should deceive you. Leave them to believe their garbage for themselves. Don’t operate your life within the circumference of other people’s limitations, ignorance, or foolishness. Remember Nebuchadnezzar. He could have avoided the torturous years in the forest. But he fell headlong into that quagmire.

A word is enough for the wise, I guess.

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