When he came to Greece, he had a troubling time. He was troubled, not because he did anything wrong and not because he was worried that something negative might occur. There is a higher level of living and meaning when we get concerned about societal ills. Those who know about the evil of some human vices and machinations and their final end should be concerned that many turn to those calamitous ways.

The people of that city of Greece where he visited were wonderful people. They loved new things. They loved knowledge. They loved to learn. This quest for knowledge drove them to participate in several ephemeral and soul-danming practices. We should be careful about what we seek and where we search for that thing. Many sources are dangerous ‘pits”.

In their quest for knowledge, they also sought God – but in the wrong places. They worshipped some gods. They knew that those gods were not the ultimate, I guess, because they had an altar, which they dedicated ‘to the unknown God’. He was alway there while they were gathering other gods and worshipping them, and they didn’t know Him!

How true this is of us today. We ‘worship God’ through questionable means. Deep in our hearts, we question the path that our life philosophies or religion promotes. No, we don’t tell anyone our fears. We don’t even agree to ourselves that we are doubtful of the authenticity of our life’s philosophies or religious claims. We live in dangerous denialism; however, we know we could bw wrong. The people of Athens were different. When Apostle Paul told them that ‘the unknown God that they worshipped is the Almighty God, they listened. Would you listen if told you that your craving after that ‘unknown God’ – success, entertainment, pleasure, other gods, other religions, and so on is a craving for God? Your soul yearns for the life of God. Your soul yearns for the void in your life to be filled by God’s life.

Your soul can only find rest at home. Home is where God is. Home is knowing the Almighty God as the only true God and knowing Jesus Christ whom He has sent, experientially. Come home.


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