I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I thank God that I am not created an animal. He could have created you a cow but He created you a human. Isn’t that something to be grateful for and to shout about?!

How come we now seem to glorify behaving like animals? Search for food (through vocation, career, business, etc.), eat, sleep, play, fight, and procreate. Is that all there is in this life? No, it can’t be. There is a higher purpose. There is a better meaning to life.

We can only understand this dimension of living like a real human should when we connect to God, the creator of all things. In Him lies the true meaning of life. When we live without plugging ourselves into the Almighty, we miss out on the essence of life.

We plug ourselves into God by getting born again – becoming a part of God’s lovely family, and living in devotion and consecration to Him.

Don’t live like an animal. Live like you have a purpose in life. Live like God created you to live. Live like you are sure that there is life beyond this life. Live like you will make heaven.

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