He was a chief prison warden (jailer) in a European country. He did his job well and had the trust of his superiors. He had subordinates who were at his command. He had a beautiful family with whom he lived on the prison campus. Everything was going well with this man of great responsibility. Or so he thought.

This man was in charge of the prison and accounted for every person in holding in that facility. His superiors didn’t take the escape of any
prisoner lightly. The loss of all prisoners in the facility could cost those in authority at the facility their lives.

Paul and Silas got incarcerated at the facility. But they were different people. They were men who were in affinity with the Most High God. After some time, they began to have fellowship with their Master. Then, the Master decided to demonstrate His omnipotence at the facility. He wanted to set His servant free. That blessing also spilled over to bless everyone incarcerated there. The ‘chains’ of everyone fell off; the prison doors stood open. The jailer had never seen such a thing in his life. When he woke from his sleep, he thought that every prisoner had escaped. He knew the consequences, so he wanted to commit suicide, but Paul asked him not to and affirmed that no one had escaped.

When the jailer saw that miracle, he knew that the Almighty God had done that impossible act and asked to get saved. That was how God saved him.

What have you seen that should have drawn you to ask how to be saved? Have you asked? The demonstration of God’s secret counsel should draw us to Him. Let’s not close our eyes to all that is happening around us. The evidence of God’s existence and omnipotence is all around us. Let’s be like the jailer. Let’s ask for the way of salvation and follow it today to get saved.

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