Selling products and services is a world of its own. The art is as old as man. And many there are that live on selling. We are all selling one thing or another, though.

The exchange of goods and services with any legal tender carries with it a special reward for the skilled seller but there must be a buyer to complete the circle. In Business ethics, the welfare of the buyer is of great importance. He must not be harmed in the selling or buying process.

Business ethics began with the Creator. He has given diverse laws and instructions to guide buying and selling and to protect trade in society. Not only should the buyer not be harmed, he must not be exploited. In one of those positions the Bible asserts that the Owner and Giver of all things ‘… hates both these things: dishonest weights and dishonest measures.’ (Proverbs 20:10 ICB)

God cares for the minute details of human interactions. Amazing! If he cares this much for such little details, you can be sure that He takes note of your secret words, thoughts, and actions. God’s Word says that He will bring everything into judgement (2 Corinthians 5:10)

God is righteous and He expects those who will live with Him eternally to be righteous. Righteousness is having Jesus Christ in your life.

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