Mrs. Ruth Mahlon was a regular woman. She grew up learning how to be a girl and a good crony who loved her family and the ways of her people.

One day, this young woman fell in love with a young man, and shortly after, they got married. They had everything going on for them. They had enough to eat and they had themselves.

Ruth and Mahlon were from different countries. Ruth was from Moab while Mahlon was from Israel. When Ruth moved in with Mahlon, she saw a difference in the ways of her husband’s people. They had God. They trusted Him and lived by the dictates and precepts of His laws.

Putting the ways of the Moabites side-by-side with the ways of the Israelites, she saw truth and a better future (both here and hereafter) with the God of Israel and shifted her allegiance to the God of Israel. Wisdom. Her husband passed and she needed to decide on whose side she would be – God’s or her people’s. She decided for God. That woman got something!

We read later that she came to take refuge under the wings of the God of Israel (Ruth 2:12). She reinvented the wheel, not only for herself but for generations unborn. Today, we fondly remember her as a woman of faith, determination, and unwavering trust in the Almighty God.

You can reinvent the wheel in your family, among your friends or colleagues. It is true that you are of a heathenic heritage but you can reinvent the wheel. It is true that your career, business, or religious pedigree is that of a nonchalant attitude towards God, the Truth, and spiritual things. But you can reinvent the wheel by becoming different.

You reinvent the wheel when you turn away from those established customs, institutions, and self-governance to the only True God, through Jesus Christ, in faith and absolute trust in His ability to save you and to give you a place in His Kingdom.

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