Betrayal happens when we give away someone who trusts us or their prospects to some unpleasant outcome through our words, attitude, or actions. Betrayal is most painful when the betrayer is very close to us – a relation, friend, colleague, and so on, or someone that we trust.

When Judas betrayed Jesus, he gave a sign to the enemies of Jesus. The sign was that he would give Jesus a kiss so the assailants could be able to distinguish between Him and His disciples because they probably looked alike in some respects. And kiss him, he did. When that kiss happened and before the authorities could lay their hands on Jesus, He asked Judas one question: “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”(Luke 22:48 AMP). Judas did not answer that question.

That same question comes to you today. Are you betraying Jesus with a kiss? Your own kiss could be just talking down on Him or neglecting His instructions or joining or supporting other people to ridicule or trivialise His teachings. Other people may say that they are believers but do not live like one. What about when we lend our voice to any campaign to step down the Lordship of Jesus? Betrayal. Are you betraying Jesus with a kiss? What is your answer?

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus came out of the betrayal triumphant. Judas never came out. He had an awful end. Those who betray Jesus now will also have an awful end. But Jesus will always have the victory. We hurt ourselves when we betray Jesus.

Do not betray Jesus. He died for you. To guard against such betrayal, you need to surrender your life to Him, commit the keeping of your soul to Him, and walk with Him daily.

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