Human beings are limited in many ways. For example, we can’t be in different places at the same time, the body is frail and subject to weakness and a steady decline in strength over time. Sometimes, these limitations can hinder us from doing some of the things that we desire to do the way we want to do them.

To achieve some great things in spite of human limitations, we need the hands of other people. We need support. A support system compounds our efforts and makes us effective at the things that we do. Family members, friends, colleagues, business associates, employees, volunteers, and stakeholders may constitute our support system.

Our support system pulsates with the strength, skills, presence, or influence that we don’t have and we could leverage their special attributes or availability to achieve great things. It is unwise, catastrophic even, not to desire or make use of such a system.

That is physical.

Spiritually, we are also limited. We can’t access the spiritual things that God has freely given to us on our own, including eternal life. God has raised a support system for us. Hallelujah! Jesus is our support system. He has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He died so we might live. All we need to do now is to trust the system that the One who owns eternity has raised up for us and do what He asks us to do. It is unwise, catastrophic even, not to desire or make use of that system.

Let us approach the system with humility and surrender to His authority. Jesus is our lifeline from here till eternity. Ask Him into your life and commit to walking with Him until you get hold of that for which God has made Him available to us.

Don’t walk alone. Get some support.

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