Sociologists agree that one of the abilities that set us apart from animals and that has accelerated the development of human society is the ability to speak and be understood. Because we can speak, we can express ourselves in ways that no other member of the animal kingdom (biologically speaking) can do.

When we initiate verbal discourses and leverage them to catalyse changes in the factors that affect our existence and well-being, we exhibit a special ability that if animals had, we could have had great competition in the issues that revolve around human societal concerns.

We are higher than animals. However, the desire to satisfy the basely and depraved human nature and covetous dispositions is overriding our superiority. We talk, think, and teach as if man is created to just sleep, wake up, eat, make money (amass resources), have sex (and maybe, make kids), become popular, and die. That is not the only purpose of life. If that is the only purpose of life, our purpose is as good as the purpose of animals!

What have we used our ability to talk to do – fuel crisis, talk down on others and on goals that we do not subscribe to, inspire people to turn away from God and His demand on our lives?

There is a higher purpose for our existence. That purpose is to worship God. Don’t neglect that purpose. In all you do, seek ways to worship God. The worship of God begins with becoming a member of His family. We become members of His family when we are born again. After that, we worship God by having regular time with Him and honouring His Word and Will above all opinions and prevailing circumstances.

God has made you better than an animal. Don’t live like an animal. You have a purpose that is higher than what you think it is. Key into that purpose and you will be eternally grateful that you did.


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