The palpable rage.

The musings.

The murmuring.

The inactions.

The counteractions.

The rebellious social media posts.

The haphazard or insincere quest for the Truth.

The desire and gun for the path of the least resistance.

The nonchalant attitude in the face of an impending doom.


Did you know that in the final analysis, what becomes of your soul is your business?

Just be playing.

Just be following the opinions of Church ‘drop-outs’.

Just be following social media influencers to their destination.

Just be fighting with the Word that can save your soul.

When people talk to you about God, Jesus, or the Kingdom of God, they aren’t telling you to get saved for the pastor or anyone who talks to you about your eternal destiny. They are telling you to get saved for yourself. They talk to you because they love you and would not like to see you walk into eternal gloom.

Your salvation is your business. Full stop.

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