In many schools, there is a regular assembly. This assembly is the gathering of the students of the school to a designated arena or hall that may be popularly known as the assessment ground

The assembly serves as the interface between students, their teachers, and the topmost authorities of a school.

During assemblies, students are checked for compliance with school rules that border on ‘creeds’, dressing, personal grooming, and comportment, announcements, and instructions are given, and sometimes, erring students are either reprimanded or punished while good behaviours are reinforced.

I am sure that you can relate to my description of the assembly.

We understand from scriptures that there will be a grand assembly hereafter. Every human being that has ever lived will be at that meeting. It will be the last assembly. At that assembly, compliance with God’s provisions for salvation will be assessed, and people will either be commended and rewarded or condemned and punished eternally.

Have you considered how you will fare at that assembly? Will you be commended and rewarded or condemned and punished?

What are you doing with Jesus now that you still have the time? Claiming that you have Him and using His name for selfish aggrandlsement? Or genuinely receiving Him and living your life as He spells out?

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