The wonders of creation are enormous. We may never understand the intricacies of the essence of all the creatures until we meet the One who crafted them in His immeasurable wisdom and tact outside of our casing called the body.

There is a body for humans that functions from the sophisticated operations of its many interconnected parts. The essence of this global working may never be fully understood on this side of eternity.

There is a body for animals – higher and lower. Apart from companionship, food, and protection, the other purposes of the individual beings and their inner thoughts (if any) may never be known, save some pockets of assumptions and inferences allegedly gathered from rather imperfect inquiry into those unknown terrains.

Plants provide us with food, shelter, medicines, papers, and a host of other goods. But we do not know anything about their normal life beyond the ones that science has been able to observe, test, and document.

The other side of eternity will be a blast, I guess. A lot of questions to ask. And I am sure that we shall get answers because we will be dealing with the creator and originator of all things. I will learn and unlearn. I will learn new truths. I will unlearn my faltering scientific conclusions.

I am sure that we shall learn new things throughout eternity. There will be so much to enjoy!

Please don’t miss the opportunity to know as you are known. Prepare for the other side of eternity by surrendering your life to Jesus now so that eternity will be a big joyful discovery day for you.

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