To struggle with the fact that God loves humanity is to struggle with the most glaring truth in existence.

God loves humanity. He desires the best for everyone. He has given us a will to choose to do the right things so we can dwell with Him forever.

If God doesn’t love the world,

There’ll be innumerable routine catastrophes.

Evil men will overrun the earth.

Witches and wizards would always have their ways.

He could pluck off the earth from space and fling it away because of the evil that is being perpetrated in it.

He could turn everyone into hell and begin a new creation journey.

He could have withheld His only begotten Son, Jesus, from coming to die for us.

His Spirit would not be nudging His children to do the right things.

He wouldn’t be building a city for us in heaven.

He wouldn’t present life and death before us and ask us to choose life.

Choose life over death. Choose glory over gloom. Choose heaven over hell. Become a member of God’s family. Accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life to become your Lord and personal Saviour today.

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