When Engineers design roads, they evolve evidence-based constituent, structural, and implementation plans that would inform the emergence of strong, rugged, and resilient roads that can withstand climatic, thermal, and mechanical stressors.

The work of engineers is predicated on a plan. That plan directs their activities and implementations. Working outside of the plan may precipitate problems for a project.

God is the Master-Engineer. That capacity is expressed in all His creations. He has a plan for every creature.

He has a plan for your life. There is a reason you are here. You can’t work outside that plan. You need to understand the plan and work with it. Don’t die without accomplishing what God had in mind before He created you.

Knowing and following the plan of God for your life begins with knowing and accepting Jesus into your life as Lord and Saviour. God intends for you to be saved and walk the earth and your purpose as a member of His family. He intends for you to know Him experientially. He is your father and He loves you.

After you have committed your life to Him, if He has any special specific assignment for you, He will reveal it to you as you pray and seek Him for a clearer purpose.

There is a plan!

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