Time is to a man as chance is to many events under the sun. ‘Time waits for no one’, they say. The man who can put his life’s journey in the context of how fleeting time is will win in life and eternity.

You are a mortal being who has a limited time under the sun. There are salient questions about the space of time that is available to you that you may not be able to provide straightforward answers to.

For example,

How long are you going to live on the earth?

When will you die?

Where will you die?

How will you die?

You see how difficult the questions are to your (limited) mind.

The irony of this matter is that you have a purpose to fulfill within the limited time that you have under the sun. Many live their whole lives without discovering this purpose.

If God has placed you on the earth to fulfill a purpose, you better discover, understand, and fulfill that purpose before your time on the earth is over because He will bring that purpose into consideration during your judgement.

Purpose begins by knowing God experientially. The experience of God is catalysed by the possession of Jesus in the heart. Jesus comes to live in the heart when we confess our sins to God ask for His forgiveness and invite Jesus into our hearts.

Time waits for no one. Get right with God and fulfill your purpose within your limited time on earth. Do not die without doing that.

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