It is not enough to go to Church regularly or to belong to a highly esteemed Church. Matters of salvation transcend that type of commitment. They are grave matters.

Salvation is a serious experience that doesn’t happen mistakenly or by a mere association with some of the elements of Christian worship. The persons who will be saved must experience God for themselves. That is the ‘political economy’ of God’s Kingdom! ‘Association’ does not translate to transformation for a natural man.

If the inner transformation that the death of Christ mediates has not taken place in your life, you are still on the path to perdition.

Broad is the way that leads to hell. The road can accommodate Church attendance without a genuine encounter with the Owner of the Church and other frivolities that damn souls and would confine them to eternal horrors and agony eventually.

The call to salvation is a call to the narrow way that can only accommodate the traveler and the concerns of the Kingdom of God.

Have you been saved? Don’t allow regular Church attendance to deceive you into thinking that you are a believer. You must be born again if you must make heaven at the end of your life.

You get born again when you confess your sins to God, ask for His forgiveness, ask Jesus into your heart, forsake your sins and refuse to go back to them, and become devoted to God as revealed in His Word.

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