If we are not patient with any meaningful process, we risk losing out on its glory, eventually.

He was a promising prince who was endowed by nature and held the prospect of achieving great feats for his nation.

His political maneuvers and manipulative skills seemed like some of the vices of the 21st century.

Many fellow citizens liked him and desired his leadership for their nation.

But he was impatient. He couldn’t wait to go through the process that he should go through to become relevant in the nation. He wanted the glory just now.

If we are in a hurry to ‘get there’ and we fail to go through the right process, we miss it. The process validates the destination.

The young missed it. He died without getting to the throne. That young prince’s name was Absalom.

If we desire to get to heaven when we die, there is a process to follow. We should trust the process and we should be patient with the process to reach our destination.

In the process of salvation,

1. You realise that you are a sinner in need of salvation

2. You appreciate the fact that you cannot save yourself

3. You understand that only Jesus can save

4. You come to God, asking for His forgiveness for all your sins

5. You ask Jesus into your heart to become your Lord and Saviour

6. You deliberately keep away from every form of sin

7. You completely devote yourself to God as revealed in His Word

If you do these, your eternal destination will be sure.


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