You can do it!


People make you think that you cannot serve God acceptably.

Situations make you feel that following God is an arduous task.

Circumstances try to keep you away from true devotion to God.

Humanists want to influence you to make gods out of our shared humanity.

Philosophers make you believe that you can only think out the trajectory of your life.

Atheists, denying the existence of God, showcase their achievements as proof that man needs to work hard and have nothing to do with God.

Cultures and traditions try to blur the counsel and purposes of God.


Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with the demands of God’s Ways and think that we cannot do them.

But we can.

Hear the truth of the matter: God is One. He seeks His Creatures to worship Him and be in a living and effective relationship with Him. When you enter into that relationship with Him, He bestows His grace to enable you to live for Him the way He wants you to.

That is it. You can do it. Yes, you can.

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