A wise man creates time for important issues of great consequences.

They don’t leave grave matters to fate. They explore the intricacies of such matters, intending to attend to them urgently.

In life, there are important and urgent matters that require our prompt and holistic attention.

One such matter is the issue of the reality of the hereafter. If you are convinced that existence (of man) does not end at death, have you taken some time to find out more about the destinations beyond the grave? Have you thought about where you will be at the end of your life?

I am not talking about what other people have told you or what you assume the destinations beyond the grave to be. Have you found out for yourself the truth of that matter of eternal consequence?

Did you know that great consequences for your life stem more from this issue than some of the issues that you are currently preoccupied with?

Every wise man would give attendance to eternal matters. They will be inclined to use the few years on this side of life to prepare for the endless life beyond the grave.

Are you wise?

Today is the day to begin your search for a better hereafter. That journey begins when you surrender to God’s authority through Jesus Christ. Are you surrendering to Him now? Tell Him so, ask Jesus into your heart, and plead for His help on your journey.

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