When we listen to others more than we give attendance to God’s Word, we risk being led astray.

God’s Word provides the guidelines for the salvation of our souls.

God’s Word pulsates with the nourishment that our souls need as we seek to grow in our experience of God.

God’s Word precipitates the good things that we need to sustain life and promote grace and productivity.

God’s Word promises to remain a reliable and unchanging guide throughout life.

Have you secured salvation through God’s Word?

Through God’s Word, we know that every man is a sinner in need of a Saviour.

Through God’s Word we know that Jesus is the Saviour and that when we trust Him enough to go to God, confess our sins, and invite Him into our hearts, we receive the remission of our sins and become members of God’s family.

Have you been saved through God’s Word? Relying on the words of others for your salvation may be disastrous in the end, but depending on God’s Word for your salvation will always bring the inner transformation that your soul longs for.

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