Religious knowledge or leadership does not confer salvation. Only the experience of Jesus does.

Nicodemus came to Jesus and began to extol some of the good virtues that he had observed about Him. Jesus told him clearly that he needed to become born again if he hoped to be a part of God’s Kingdom.

The story is an amazing one. Amazing because Nicodemus was a religious and opinion leader and he had profound knowledge about God. It was surprising that he didn’t know the way of salvation.

There are many religious leaders today who think that they are following God because of their knowledge of the religion that they subscribe to and profess or their commitment to some religious rituals or observances. Mere religious knowledge or leadership does not confer salvation.

What does confer salvation is the experience of Jesus – knowing that Jesus died to take away sin and bring man into a relationship with God and acting on that knowledge by surrendering one’s life completely to the Lordship of Jesus. That grants us an entrance into the family of God where we grow into Him, over time, in all things.

Are you saved?

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