The experience of God is crucial to the ‘new birth’. No one who hasn’t experienced God in a personal and relational way is born again.

It is good to go to Church regularly but attending Church services without being born again is tantamount to staying near God’s kingdom without becoming a part of it.

It is good to get baptized in water to identify with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, our Saviour, but getting baptized without the new birth experience is like mere swimming in a body of water.

It is good to take the holy communion but taking the holy communion without becoming a member of God’s family is like illegally eating at a neighbour’s house.

It is good to associate with a religion that is making efforts to reach the Almighty God but associating with the wrong religion is like shooting oneself on the foot.

It is good to write one’s will and set one’s house in order to die peacefully but dying without Jesus is the greatest of all foolies.

It is the experience of God that makes all association and religious activities meaningful and rewarding. We experience God when we surrender to His authority and order our lives according to every single detail of His Word, beginning with getting born again, forsaking all sins, and fellowshipping with Him daily.

Have you experienced God for yourself?

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