We live in the reality of our worldviews. Your value system affects how you handle serious matters.

Some worldviews trivialise serious matters and consider less important matters as very important.

When such worldviews revolve around fleeting concerns and matters that have no far-reaching effects, the holders of such views are safe and may even hail the worldview as the ultimate. But when such views bring on far-reaching negative consequences or touch the reins of eternal destinies, the evil of such views becomes obvious and any well-meaning and informed person would warn adherents about the dangers of their views.

You need to conduct an honest evaluation of your worldview. What do you gain from following such views? Does the view allow for progress and productivity? Does the worldview respect the sanctity and dignity of life? Does it contribute to the development of society and the advancement of genuine and clean societal institutions? Does it provide a coherent and proven explanation as to the meaning and purpose of life and does it give an unputdownable hope for the afterlife?

You are responsible for improving shifts in your worldview. Drift away from an unprofitable and vain worldview towards one that ensures a peaceful and productive life on the earth and eternal life in the hereafter.

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