There are different kinds of possibilities. There are possibilities of human principles and there are possibilities of divine principles.

If you depend effectively on one set of principles, you will make progress in the realm that those principles govern. But if you depend effectively on both sets of principles, you will make significant progress on both levels.

The key to living an earthly productive and impactful life and an honouring and blessedly enduring life both here and in the hereafter is to learn to balance up existence in both realms – exercising oneself in the disciplines of both sets of principles.

Getting balanced in both realms begins with the salvation of our souls. We need to encounter the mediator of the divine principles, Jesus. During this encounter, we are changed and we receive the capacity to engage the principles of God’s Kingdom. No unchanged man has the capacity to function in divine matters.

Have you been saved? Have you received Jesus Christ into your heart? Have you made Him your Lord and Saviour?

God has not called men to be lopsided in their being. He has called us to become balanced believers that are both earthly and heavenly relevant.

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