When we wake up every morning, the opportunity to make good decisions that will move our lives forward presents itself.

The opportunity presents itself again today. What are you going to do with the opportunity? You should make decisions that will promote productivity, peace, and blessings for you.

But don’t forget that you should also decide to be at peace with your Creator today and always.

Being at peace with the Maker of all things begins by surrendering to His authority and guidance. We surrender to God’s authority and guidance when we recognise Him as the One from whom all matters of (effective) earthly and eternally blissful existence flow.

With that recognition, we approach Him for the forgiveness of our ignorance and rebellion against Him and key into the provision that He has made for our reconciliation to Him by inviting Jesus into our hearts.

If we have done these, we have peace with God. We want to maintain that peace, and we want to wake up every morning deciding to know more about the Creator and be closer to Him.

Have you made this important decision in your life? If you have not, today is the day to make it. Do not postpone the decision. Tomorrow might be too late.

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