While the world is immersed in hatred, violence, turmoil, and all forms of vices and it seems that everything is going against the common man, Jesus offers hope for now and hereafter.

He offers to calm personal storms. He offers to calm national and international storms.

He offers to give a new reason for living, corporate existence, and international harmony.

The world seeks peace here and there. They hold talks, they broker truces, they offer amnesties, and they do all they can to find lasting peace. But peace is elusive. There is no hope for a peaceful resolution of many crises.

The worst of all is that many of the people who are being slaughtered in the crises have no hope of a better life beyond the grave. They do not have Jesus and are consequently on their way to the negative side of eternity. They suffer on earth and will suffer throughout eternity (the endless life after death). Sad.

The hope that we need is in Jesus Christ. He offers you His hope. What will you do with this offer – take it and enter into a secure future or reject it and eventually slip into a Christ-less and hopeless eternity? The choice is yours.

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