We are all on a journey. Looking sideways fosters resourcefulness, relevance, and productivity but looking upwards precipitates great strength, uncommon courage, and divine guidance for the journey. Do you understand these dynamics?

The one who understands them wins big in this life and in the life that is to come.

God intends for His creation to be relevant, resourceful, and productive on earth. He makes His strength, courage, and guidance available to all who recognise that they need Him to end their journey well.

Some people operate as if they do not need the help that God has provided for their journey. They rely on their strengths and the limitations of earthly endeavours to succeed. Such people may succeed on earth (not true, lasting success, though) but will not go far. They won’t be able to journey till the end and get to their destination (heaven).

A creature cannot be wiser than his Creator. It is of utmost foolishness to think that we know how to lead our lives more than the One Who made us.

Don’t settle for limited success. God created you to be limitless with His grace and mercy. Key into those provisions and you will find that your journey will be smooth and filled with His good pleasure.

You key into God’s mercy and grace when you surrender your life to Him, ask for the forgiveness of your sins, ask Jesus into your heart, and remain in fellowship and total devotion to Him throughout your journey to eternity.

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