God created man out of His boundless love and desire for companionship. In Genesis, we see God forming humanity in His image, endowing us with purpose, dignity, and the capacity for a relationship with Him. This divine intentionality reveals that our existence is not arbitrary but deeply meaningful.

Understanding why God created us should stir us to commit our lives to Him through Jesus Christ. Jesus, God’s ultimate expression of love, bridges the gap between humanity and God, offering us forgiveness, redemption, and eternal life. Through Jesus, we find fulfillment of our purpose and restoration of our broken relationship with God.

Committing our lives to Jesus involves surrendering our will to His, acknowledging Him as Lord and Saviour, and following His teachings. It means embracing His grace and allowing His transformative power to work in us, shaping us into vessels of His love and instruments of His kingdom.

When we recognise God’s purpose in creating us and respond by committing our lives to Jesus Christ, we experience true fulfillment, joy, and peace. Our lives become a testimony to God’s goodness and grace, drawing others into relationship with Him. May we, therefore, live each day in gratitude for God’s love and with a commitment to glorify Him in all we do.

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