About Us

Urgent Mission to Nations is a multi-faceted end-time Christian Mission Organization, born by the Spirit’s breath to take the Good News of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, urgently, to nations, especially the un- or least-reached, lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus and disciple them for heaven and kingdom service.



To (urgently) catalyze the experience of God and mission movements among all people, especially the un- or least-reached.



We achieve our vision by:

1. Loving God and

2. Sharing faith


Statement of Faith

We believe …

  1. in God, the highest authority in, and the creator of, heaven and earth and all that are in them
  2. in Jesus Christ, God’s only son, who is the only Saviour of mankind and through whom is the forgiveness and remission of sins, made available by His vicarious and substitutional death on the Cross of Calvary
  3. in the Holy Spirit, the executor, and activator of God’s programmes and plans and the regenerator of the unregenerate spirit of the natural man, who leads and guides us into all the truth of God
  4. in the scriptures, as the inspired, infallible, potent, and impregnable living and abiding Word of God, profitable for all situations as the only authentic syllabus of Christianity
  5. the fact that all men are lost without Christ
  6. the truth that the gospel of the Kingdom of God must be preached in all nations through every available (righteous) means
  7. the (future) resurrection of the dead
  8. the (coming) final judgment of both the living and the dead
  9. the eternal state in which only two destinations are available – everlasting life (in heaven) and shame and everlasting contempt (in hell) and what you do with your life and Jesus now will be the sole determinant factor of where you will spend all of eternity
  10. the Church, universal and the spiritual unity of the Church
  11. the fellowship of believers for edification, service, and perfection