Trust in God transcends the confines of confidence to key into the ephemeral possibilities of resting on His promises. It includes trusting Him with our very lives – trusting Him to save us, trusting Him to deepen our walk with Him, trusting Him to get Christ formed in us andContinue Reading

An autonomous machine is a machine that operates on its own without any recourse to a control system either wired or wireless. The machine is made to function on its own and to navigate the maze of its operational details. It has an inbuilt functional capacity to accommodate its operationalContinue Reading

The steps that cover a great distance are taken in a few paces over time. Great things happen when we persevere in taking small steps toward a goal. After the encounter that Apostle Paul had with Jesus on the way to Damascus, he began to experience God in every senseContinue Reading

Man had corrupted his way before God. He had become very sinful. He ceased not to commit sin and devise sinful principles and strategies routinely. God was not happy with that ugly development. His purpose for creating man on the earth and putting him in charge of all His creationContinue Reading

Templates exist to guide us in specific tasks. Where there is a template for a task, deviations from it are not acceptable and the product of any effort outside of the template’s design and required content would be futile. There is a template for relating to the Almighty God. HeContinue Reading

Eternal things are real – too real to be ignored or toyed with. We cannot behave as if they don’t exist or are not too important only to reap the dividends of an effective life at the end. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t plant a Mango tree andContinue Reading

Many things in life come with a cost. There are light costs and there are heavy costs. Choices about nonessential activities may incur light costs. But, choices concerning weighty matters bring on weightier costs. Some choices should not be left to chance or postponed. One such choice is the choiceContinue Reading

A king went into a battle that did not concern him. The invading army came to settle their score with an ‘offending’ kingdom. But the target-king felt that he couldn’t face the assailant without the help of another kingdom so he invited his king-friend to help. The king-friend was Jehoshaphat.Continue Reading

In many schools, there is a regular assembly. This assembly is the gathering of the students of the school to a designated arena or hall that may be popularly known as the assessment ground The assembly serves as the interface between students, their teachers, and the topmost authorities of aContinue Reading

What are the burning desires of your heart at the moment? What is the utmost in your heart? The need to become popular? The need to make more sales? The need to make lots of money? The need to get married and settled in your own home? The need toContinue Reading