Time is to a man as chance is to many events under the sun. ‘Time waits for no one’, they say. The man who can put his life’s journey in the context of how fleeting time is will win in life and eternity. You are a mortal being who hasContinue Reading

We build houses to live in them. But we have homes when we live in those houses in peace and can relax, eat, work, play, and relate to loved ones, friends, and associates in the context of comfort and protection. So, you see that a house doesn’t necessarily make forContinue Reading

The semi-atheist cannot come clean with the denial of God’s existence, but he subtly resents and teaches against some vital elements of the true worship of, and absolute surrenderedness to, God. He arrogates some of God’s acts to some mundane or clandestine concepts and theories. He feeds his transactional mindContinue Reading

It is foolish, reckless, and risky to live without a definite assurance that the life beyond this one will be a good one for you. You will only live once. It won’t be wise to gamble this only one life away. The massive provision that God has made for theContinue Reading

The wonders of creation are enormous. We may never understand the intricacies of the essence of all the creatures until we meet the One who crafted them in His immeasurable wisdom and tact outside of our casing called the body. There is a body for humans that functions from theContinue Reading