Looking out my window. The colourful blend of nature with human activities. That mix of different sounds – natural and man-made. The beautiful expression of natural inclinations. They all tell me something about … The intentions of the Creator. He wants us to enjoy life. He wants us to liveContinue Reading

Many things in life come with a cost. There are light costs and there are heavy costs. Choices about nonessential activities may incur light costs. But, choices concerning weighty matters bring on weightier costs. Some choices should not be left to chance or postponed. One such choice is the choiceContinue Reading

Beautiful insects live on the earth. Some are so beautiful that a cursory look at them would make one take them for the work of a skilled artist. They are designed to be pleasing to the eyes and to exude creative and imaginative splendour at their peaks. The butterfly isContinue Reading

Sin is tiring. – the guilt. – the consequences. – the draining of resources. – the loss of vital energy. – the need to cover up some stories. – the loss of vital relationships. – the barrage of heartaches. – the unnecessary drama. – the hurts from failed activities. –Continue Reading

We are told the story of a worker who owed his employer some money. When the boss demanded him to pay back what he owed, he was ‘broke’. The boss, knowing that truly that worker had no means to pay back what he owed, pardoned the debt completely. It happenedContinue Reading

Cruel, rugged, and mean. The nails. Designed for wood and invested with the power to bind, their purpose was inverted on that day to turn you and me from the lonely road to a bad end. As Jesus lay at Golgotha, fastened to the rugged tree that sealed the transactionContinue Reading