Don’t get upset at the enemy’s uprising. Beautiful things happen when we are resilient. Salvation is of the Lord. The enemy was unhappy with David. That enemy was Saul, the first king of Israel. He devised several ways to kill the young man and terminate God’s plan for his life.Continue Reading

Time is to a man as chance is to many events under the sun. ‘Time waits for no one’, they say. The man who can put his life’s journey in the context of how fleeting time is will win in life and eternity. You are a mortal being who hasContinue Reading

When Engineers design roads, they evolve evidence-based constituent, structural, and implementation plans that would inform the emergence of strong, rugged, and resilient roads that can withstand climatic, thermal, and mechanical stressors. The work of engineers is predicated on a plan. That plan directs their activities and implementations. Working outside ofContinue Reading

At the intersection between gloom and bliss is the capacity to align with the bliss. No one gets into bliss by mistake. But, it is possible to mistakenly slip into gloom. The blessing of choice knows no boundaries when we consider the great gulf between eternal death and everlasting life.Continue Reading

An autonomous machine is a machine that operates on its own without any recourse to a control system either wired or wireless. The machine is made to function on its own and to navigate the maze of its operational details. It has an inbuilt functional capacity to accommodate its operationalContinue Reading

The steps that cover a great distance are taken in a few paces over time. Great things happen when we persevere in taking small steps toward a goal. After the encounter that Apostle Paul had with Jesus on the way to Damascus, he began to experience God in every senseContinue Reading

When a loved one is navigating an unnecessarily dangerous path, we plead with them to leave that path. We cry for them – sometimes, overtly and at other times, covertly or in our hearts. The heart that loves is always burdened with the ills that attend to the lives thatContinue Reading

It is not enough to belong to a Church or be baptized. It is not enough to be a communicant or strong financial supporter in a Church. Following Christ entails much more. We can’t erect an enduring building without taking time to build a solid foundation for it. In Christendom,Continue Reading

It is foolish, reckless, and risky to live without a definite assurance that the life beyond this one will be a good one for you. You will only live once. It won’t be wise to gamble this only one life away. The massive provision that God has made for theContinue Reading

The wonders of creation are enormous. We may never understand the intricacies of the essence of all the creatures until we meet the One who crafted them in His immeasurable wisdom and tact outside of our casing called the body. There is a body for humans that functions from theContinue Reading