Urgent Mission ministers throughout each year through community-wide evangelistic and discipleship efforts, schools of ministry, seminars, summits, conferences, conventions, literature, para-church collegiate ministries, mission-focused churches, and fellowships.

  1. Evangelical Faith Church (e-faith Church) – A network of missions-focused evangelical Churches in the ‘regions beyond’
  2. Melita Bible College (MBC) – Bible School system in the regions beyond.
  3. Incorruptible Seed Conference (ISC) – Evangelical Conferences in least-reached communities
  4. School of Ministry & Impact (SOMI) – The gathering of underserved Ministers of the gospel for the Word, prayer, fellowship, and impartation
  5. Gospel Mission Adventures (GMA) – Community-wide evangelistic, social, economic, and medical/health outreaches to rural, un- or least-reached, and underserved areas of the earth
  6. Literature Guerrilla-Evangelism (L.G-E.) – Evangelism, using literature, guerrilla warfare style
  7. Urgent Mission Campus Fellowship (UMCF) – Para-Church Collegiate Ministry