Evangelical Faith Church (e-faith Church)

A network of mission focussed evangelical Churches in the ‘regions beyond’


Souls Rescue Intercessory Prayer Network (SRIPN)

An intercessory prayer team system that brood over territories and nations


Incorruptible Seed Conference 

Evangelical Conferences in least-reached communities


School of Ministry & Impact (SOMI)

The gathering of underserved Minister of the gospel for the Word, fellowship, and impartation


Gospel Mission Adventures (GMA)

Community-wide evangelistic, social, economic and medical/health outreaches to rural, un- or least-reached and underserved areas of the earth


Literature Guerrilla-Evangelism (L.G-E)

Evangelism, using literature, guerrilla-style!


Urgent Mission Campus Fellowship (UMCF)

Para-Church Collegiate Ministry