PRAYING every day. Talking with the God of your salvation is an integral and indispensable part of your walk with God. When you talk to Him, wait for Him to talk to you too! This is prayer. Pray in the morning, pray in the afternoon, and pray at night. AlwaysContinue Reading

God is sovereign and just in all His plans and purposes. The limits of His mercy are unsearchable. He is unlimited in His wisdom and knowledge. We know very little about the capabilities of the God that we serve. If we knew the things of God the way we should,Continue Reading

If you are a child of God, you are of a Kingdom that is different from the other kingdom. Your Kingdom is the Kingdom of God. Do not allow anyone to pull you into carrying out any activity of their kingdom when they will never agree to carry out anyContinue Reading

A seed planted dies before the emergence of new life. Christ died, was buried, and rose to a new life. He gave me this life. I died in Christ when I decided for Him. I was buried by baptism and rose out of the water to newness of life.  Continue Reading

He was born to save me. I’ll never know what it took him to come. But He came. Hallelujah, He came! He purchased eternal redemption for me.   I never knew He came, Until I was told. How I believed He came, I cannot tell. But I believed. And HeContinue Reading

What are you doing with a life that is only one – Throwing it away? Giving it to Jesus to keep it for you? Or sacrificing it at the altar of pleasure or self-will?   Judgement day is coming When God would call all deeds to book When the secretsContinue Reading

There comes a day when, (false) Religious and personal philosophies would fail, (mistaken) Claims on the knowledge of God would be refuted, Man would die without the usual zest and sense of being.   There comes a day when, A man’s (carnal) work would account for nothing, Sympathies of othersContinue Reading