Changes are constant in life. We are all products of the different changes during cell development and societal structures and institutions.

As we change, we grow into the different shades of the personalities that our nature and nurture are shaping us into.

Our genes and environment shape into beings that may interact with the physical world satisfactorily.

However, we have another agent of change that makes for effective earthly existence and eternal life with God – the power of God’s good news (the gospel).

The power of the gospel is such that it can grip an individual and so save them that they disdain the things of the world and are determined to follow through the Lord’s redemptive design for effective living and eternally glorious existence.

Have you experienced the power of the gospel? Aren’t you tired of the type of life that you are living? God has the solution to your lifestyle problems. Come to Him in humility to ask for His help. Confess your tiring lifestyle to Him, ask for His forgiveness, and ask Jesus into your heart and life. You will be glad you did.