Urgent Mission Campus Fellowship (UMCF) is a dynamic ministry focused on reaching college and university students with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. We aim to foster spiritual growth, leadership, and community among students across campuses worldwide.

Our Vision and Mission

  • Vision: To see every student on every campus become a follower of Jesus and a catalyst for spiritual renewal in their communities.
  • Mission: To evangelize, disciple, and empower students to live out their faith boldly and impact their campuses for Christ.

Core Activities

  1. Weekly Gatherings:
    • Our fellowship groups meet weekly for worship, prayer, and Bible study. These gatherings are a time for students to connect with God and each other, encouraging one another in their faith journey.
  2. Discipleship Programmes:
    • We offer structured discipleship programmes that mentor students in their walk with Christ, helping them to grow spiritually and develop as leaders who can disciple others.
  3. Evangelistic Outreach:
    • Through creative and relational evangelism, we engage with the campus community to share the Gospel. This includes events, personal conversations, and service projects that demonstrate the love of Christ.
  4. Leadership Training:
    • UMCF is dedicated to raising up student leaders. We provide training and opportunities for students to lead Bible studies, organise events, and take active roles in their campus fellowship.
  5. Retreats and Conferences:
    • Throughout the year, we host retreats and conferences that offer intensive spiritual growth and community building. These events are designed to deepen students’ faith and equip them for ministry.

Get Involved

  • Join a Fellowship: If you are a student, we invite you to join your local UMCF chapter or start one. Experience growth, community, and purpose as you journey with us.
  • Volunteer: We welcome graduates and other supporters to volunteer as mentors, speakers, and event coordinators.
  • Support: Your prayers and financial support are vital. Help us expand our reach and impact more campuses with the Gospel.

Contact Us

To learn more about Urgent Mission Campus Fellowship or to get involved, please contact us at: info@urgentmission.org

Together, we can ignite a generation of students who are passionate about Christ and committed to making a difference on their campuses and beyond. Thank you for partnering with this Ministry of Urgent Mission to Nations.