Several years ago, I lived in a region where every average person I met and tried to share the gospel with thought that they were born again because they had been baptized. Some even claimed that they obtained salvation at birth!

I get concerned over this kind of (seeming) innocent ignorance – how could one be so ignorant of the most important concept in all of existence – the concept of salvation?

Somewhere in Africa, there was a great and patriotic soldier that was religious. He attended religious events. In fact it was on his way back from one of such events that God sent a messenger to show him the way of salvation. He was in a Chauffeur-driven vehicle reading a portion of God’s Word, confused about the import of the words that he read. At that instant, God directed one of His obedient servants to go join him in that vehicle. That servant helped him with the interpretation that he struggled with and showed him the way of salvation. After he got saved and was baptised he continued his journey rejoicing!

Don’t join the people who have mastered the use of religious words, slangs and phrases that try to cover up the decay and depravity within. Be open to God. Don’t gamble away your only life!

Have an open mind and pray to God to guide you to the right path. Don’t let religious philosophies or misguided social media enthusiasts drive you far from safety with their unsolicited advise or posts.

When we open up our heart to the One who created us and knows all hearts, the Almighty responds to our sincerity by guiding us to the path of life.

In your search for safety, may you find Jesus.

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