Blessings come in different ways. You are as limited as any other human being, but when you make up your mind to achieve certain goals and you follow through with that decision, the results could be amazing.

The biblical Bezaleel Uri of the tribe of Judah was determined to become the best at what he did. He worked so hard and never looked back. Yes, he had challenges. He was as limited as any other human being. He had his weaknesses. He could have just sat at home giving excuses, bemoaning a lack of sponsorship, or complaining about some factors that he didn’t have control over. But he did not.

This man broke loose from the shackles of clandestine or mundane musings and got promoted to the realms of amazing possibilities. The king invited him to put his skills to use at the greatest project of his day. Today we read about this man because he differentiated himself from his peers and competition.

Diligence singularities and dignifies. The Bible says that a man who is diligent in what he does will be honoured. In the case of Bezaleel, the Almighty Himself was the One that recommended him to the service of the king and of the King of kings. Heaven noticed his dillgence too!

Do you want to be recommended by both God and man? Get to know God and enter into a personal relationship with Him. Then, be diligent at what you do.

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