Hunger is one of the universal drivers of uncommon activities. The game changer in the hunger-activity drama is the object of hunger.

What are you hungry for?


We meet a man who has a different kind of hunger. Zacchaeus. He is an accomplished mogul by societal standards. He has some of the best property of his day. His possessions are sufficient for his physiological, psychological, social, political, and economic support. But he is hungry.

He is hungry for Jesus. He wants to see Jesus. The satisfaction of all types of hunger, minus the hunger for God, cannot rest the soul. The soul is restless until the hunger for God is satisfied. Zacchaeus has a physical challenge. He is not too tall. He wouldn’t allow this challenge to debar him from satisfying his hunger for Jesus. When we are sufficiently hungry for God, we pant for His touch. Zacchaeus climbs a tree (the Sycomore tree) to see Jesus. Genuine hunger drives astute actions!

He gets to see Jesus and finds favour with Him. Jesus calls out for Zacchaeus to come down from the Sycomore tree because salvation has come to his house. Jesus comes to His house to the utter amazement of his cronies who think that he is too sinful for Jesus to associate with him. No one is too sinful to attract God’s attention. All we need to do is to take the right actions and He will come around.

Hunger for God drives astute and uncommon salvation-catalysing actions that attract God’s attention. Take action today. Don’t allow any challenge or limitation to hold you back. Like Zacchaeus, overcome your challenge and reach out to Jesus. He desires to come to your house and to relate with you. Give him the chance.

What actions will you take today?

Commit your life to Jesus?

Turn away from your sins?

Get committed to God’s work/cause?

Jesus is calling you today. He hasn’t come to condemn you. He has come to save you. Add the hunger for God to the top of the list of your ‘hungers’. Let that hunger drive you to take actions that will bring God’s Kingdom near you.

Seek Jesus Christ and salvation will come to you.

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