Flowers are made for beauty, enhancement, and for catalysing good things. They are diverse and widely distributed around the world. We enjoy their beauty, sweet smell, food, and so on.

They make for happiness, expression, concealment, and, sometimes, food. We love flowers. We cherish flowers. We keep flowers. We protect flowers.

The irony of our love for flowers is that we are also flowers – flowers that fade quickly. The glory of man is as the glory of flower – here today and non-existent tomorrow! A truth that many do not realise. We are flowers. If we knew this, we would be a little bit more careful about how we live.

That rich guy that Jesus talked about didn’t know that he was a flower. He was rich but poor when it came to matters of eternal consequence. Success, wealth, and health have a way of dulling many a mind from appreciating how frail humans are. This man, through the principles of nature, prospered in his business – agriculture, but he didn’t see any need to factor God into the equation of his life. Many there are today who have also prospered following the right principles – business principles, marketing principles, career development principles, etc., but have also forgotten God. They teach others to jettison God and attribute every single success to the prowess of their knowledge and skills. Boy, you are still a flower! You will fade away soon like any other human.

The rich man thought that since he got his great possessions and wealth without God, he could also fiddle with the power to enjoy those things. God sees such a disposition as a foolish one. Are you like the rich but foolish man? Are you foolish?

Know this, it is God who created you and has given you the enabling environment for the gifts that He has put within you to flourish to your prosperity. Don’t forget Him, O flower! Don’t recruit others through your content or works to stay away from Him. Don’t think that you possess the ultimate power because of His blessings.

That man lost his life and possessions in one night. Flower – here today and nonexistent tomorrow! Don’t lose your life. God’s gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ. You can enjoy the fruit of your labour now and enjoy eternal life after death. What God is offering you is both. Do not take one and leave the other.

You are a flower and you will surely fade away. Only make sure that you fade on the earth and wake up in eternity to a brighter glory that fades not away. The only way that you can ensure this is to commit your life to Jesus Christ and stay close to Him while you put your knowledge and skills to work on earth. Don’t be like the rich but foolish man. He could have had both lives – success, and abundance on earth and eternal life in heaven, but he blew his chances by foolish choices.

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