Sometimes, when I read posts from people of different backgrounds and of different vocations, I see their personalities, stories, or norms in their content. Some praise themselves, hail their achievements or even project into the future about the person that they are becoming.

We like ourselves, our work, and our achievements. It is a rare person that doesn’t like himself. Because of the craze of how to do things on social media, the culture in that space is being set forever. It will be hard to eliminate the tendencies that are being sown into hearts.

The culture makes for the growth of followers and the development of personal brands for economic and social gains. Works with benefits. What happens in that space is a little different from what happens in God’s Kingdom.

There is a place for works in God’s principles for earthly habitation. But there are other principles. The principle of grace dominates when we seek to be saved from our sins and destruction. All the works that are needed for salvation have been accomplished by Jesus Christ and the grace that He mediates has been made available for everyone to swim in. When we appropriate His sacrifice at Calvary in our life, we receive access to that grace.

Works have their place. Grace has its place. Grace brings salvation. Works ensue after salvation. Grace makes us the children of God. Works validate the grace in our hearts and lives. We are saved by grace. We are saved unto good works.

What are you doing with the grace that Jesus has given? Trifling with it or appropriating it? The Kingdom is not social media. They do not run on the same principles. Learn Kingdom principles. Surrender to Christ’s authority and cleansing. Take a bath in His Kingdom fountain. Receive the grace to get saved and to stay saved.

Let God have His way in your life.

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