The glory of a nation is in its young people. Investments in the life of young people are investments in the future of society. Such investments come in the form of free, affordable, or subsidised education, skills teaching, support for small and medium-scale enterprises, and so on. A nation that is not investing in its young people is sowing the wrong seed that will affect livelihood in that country adversely.

The nation of Israel had a teaming youthful population when Jeroboam took over as king. Instead of thinking about how to develop the potential of these young people, the king was thinking about how to consolidate power for himself. He had to turn the whole nation from fruitful economic and other beneficial concerns to some clandestine religious concerns – helping to fashion and stage idols at strategic places in the nation, knighting ‘priests’ and other religious workers for the resultant shrines, and learning to worship the idols.

If your country cannot do what it ought to do to you, do not sit at home waiting for them, rise and take action for yourself. Don’t depend on leaders (secular or religious) who cannot do what they should do for you but try to give you fleeting alternatives.

It is the same with spiritual things. If your Church or religious circle cannot give you what you need to get to heaven at the end of your life, take action for yourself. Forget the fact that you were born into that religion or Church. Examine the philosophies and teachings of that circle closely with an open mind. Ask questions at the right places, and search diligently for the truth.

You are responsible for your beliefs. You are responsible for your choices. You will be required to account for your life someday. Take your eternal destiny in your hands and go all out to seek the truth. And when you find it, stick with it and guard it with your life. Your eternity depends on it.

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