What does it take to please God? How may we know that we are in a good relationship with the Creator of the universe and us all?

First, we must become a member of His family. The family of God is the people who have been redeemed from sin, its guilt, power, and consequences. To become a part of this team, we must be born again. We get born again by confessing our sins to God asking for His forgiveness, inviting Jesus into our hearts to live and reign there, and thereafter, forsaking any known sin.

Secondly, we must trust Him to save us and to keep us from all the contaminations of the world until we see Him face-to-face. This is called faith. We must trust God without borders!

Thirdly, we must walk with God in holiness and in obedience to His revealed Will all the days of our lives.

Simple. Isn’t it? We can please God while in this flesh – in preparation for living eternally with Him in the best of homes there ever will be.

This is heaven!

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