The days are upon us! People are falling away from the faith. Many are becoming too sinful or materialistic and others equate spiritual progress with wealth – acquired genuinely or from predatory business, organisational, or pulpit practices. What constitutes real spirituality?

We all need to access our Creator, but it is not enough to have access to Him; we must enter into a relationship with Him and remain in communion with Him. That is the real spirituality.

We need to diligently seek out the will of God for our lives and do them. When we exercise our ‘spiritual senses’ to discern the will of God and exercise our subconscious and physical faculties to do them, we are on the highway of spiritual health.

We begin a relationship with God when we get born again, intentionally forsake all sinful and questionable practices, and follow God without looking back.

Have you been born again?

Have you committed to a life of complete devotion to God?

Material prosperity is not an indication of spiritual health. Don’t use it to measure your relationship with God. Strive to stay in communion with Him and obey every instruction and command that He issues and you will be fine.

Be spiritual.

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